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On 5 June 2014, the Comité Montaigne launched a twinning initiative – our latest to date – with the Königsallee.

This iconic avenue in Düsseldorf is considered the most stylish shopping street in Germany. The twinning project has helped to create closer ties between France and Germany.

Brussels Louise

In 2008, the Comité Montaigne reached out to Belgium, signing a friendship agreement between Avenue Louise in Brussels and Avenue Montaigne to give cultural and economic growth in both neighbourhoods a significant boost.

The two committees regularly undertake joint initiatives. These includeVendangesLouise, now held in alternate years with the Avenue Montaigne event.


In 1998, the Comité Montaigne strengthened ties with Asia, signing a second twinning partnership in Japan, with the Sakae-machi shopping area in Nagoya.

With its luxury boutiques and refined atmosphere, Sakae-machi perfectly reflects the Avenue Montaigne ethos.

Ginza Street

In 1989 the Comité Montaigne spread its wings further afield, to Japan and Tokyo’s most elegant avenue: Ginza Street.

The Chairman of the Comité Montaigne made the trip to Tokyo, where he was given a ceremonial welcome by his Japanese counterpart.

Since then, the two committees have established enduring ties.

Madison Avenue

The year 1987 marked the start of the Comité Montaigne’s first twinning project, in the United States.
The partnership brought together two districts with an identical focus on luxury, fashion and culture.

The twinning initiative enhanced the Comité Montaigne’s international visibility, and has proved essential to our expansion.