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Les Vendanges Montaigne/François Ier

Les Vendanges Montaigne/François Ier

From September 12 to 15

When the Maisons of avenue Montaigne and rue François Ier invite you to an exceptional tasting

While the world moves at a frantic pace, La Fête des Vendanges remains the symbol of luxury and gracious hospitality. This year the event is being transformed to charm a new, younger audience who will be delighted to discover the unique atmosphere of an unforgettable private soirée with the Comité Montaigne’s Maisons.

For over 30 years this important Parisian festival has been a highlight on avenue Montaigne and rue François 1er. This day of September has become a celebration and opportunity to experience the Maisons from a different angle. Les Vendanges also represents the “French Touch”, a savoir-faire loved and followed around the world.